About the ROCKWOOL Pricelist

The pricelist is our user-friendly and efficient pricing tool that allows you to view, in real time,24/7, the latest price of all our stone wool insulation products. The idea behind the online Pricelist is simple: in general, printed pricelists get outdated fast, can’t be customized and are far from sustainable (all that wasted paper!). With this online tool, we wanted to make things easier for you. Quickly find the actual price and create your customized price list.

So, this is what you get out of it:

  • User-friendly pricing tool, available 24/7
  • Latest stone wool insulation product solutions with their prices
  • Your own dedicated price lists!
  • Export of data to Excel & PDF for easy handling, calculations, printing and ERP imports


  • All statements from ROCKWOOL concerning products and product prices are issued with the greatest possible care. However, ROCKWOOL cannot guarantee that no deviations will occur in that respect. These statements shall therefore be considered approximations and are non-binding. Illustrations, descriptions, catalogues, brochures, advertising material, product pricing and logistic information appearing on the pricelist website shall not be binding upon ROCKWOOL.
  • The pricelist allows users to calculate prices based on a discount rate. However, a discount always has to be confirmed first by ROCKWOOL and can’t be applied without consent and approval. ROCKWOOL prices calculated in the pricelist with discounts are not legally binding. Please contact your ROCKWOOL sales representative for all matters relating to your discount structure.
  • The pricelist products overview and prices refer to the list prices only (excl. VAT unless explicitly mentioned). This is based on the selected country during registration. The effective date of the prices will be communicated via pricelist and/or in a direct communication from your ROCKWOOL sales representative.    
  •  For more information about ROCKWOOL Insulation products, prices and logistics, please consult your local sales representative or view the website: rockwool.com